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sehen.austauschen.lernen - DYNAfair 2023

As always before a fair, we were excited on the day ot the DYNAfair 2023, 26th April, and waited full of anticipation for the doors of the Dortmund exhibition hall to open for the visitors at half past nine. After everyone had been welcomed, the organiser Sonja Klimke from SPOTS-BSS GmbH held a short speech. And then we started with our presentation at 10 am.

Despite the early time, our workshop room was literally stormed by interested people and after a short time, there were no more seats available for our session. However, no matter what, no one was discouraged, so that we held our session in front of the numerous visitors with the topic:

Make it easy! We will show you how to automate the standard simply by using Apps and Power Automate and how to adapt it to your needs.

Our presentation duo consisting of our managing director Johanna Belecke and our developer Christian Flöcklbauer was perceived very positively by everyone. Even after our session, many of our customers, partners and new interested parties came up to us and we had good and interesting conversations with them.

At our boot, our five BELWARE-Snagger that we had brought with us were looked at again and again with curiosity. At the end of the day, these five were given away in a raffle, and there were proud and happy winners, as well as a few disappointed faces among those who had not won.

But we were not the only ones who gace interested people the opportunity to ask their questions. Microsoft (Thorsten Harting and Svenja Raschka) itself was also represented at the fair with a booth. The motto of the employees was, as described on the tshirts was "ask us everything", which meant that they were available as contact persons for all questions about Business Central.

The conclusion of the DYNAfair 2023 was the panel discussion with Microsoft, which was moderated by Johanna Belecke. Various questions were addressed in this Q&A:

  • What does the future look like at and with Business Central?

  • Why and why right now is there a price increase?

In addition, Microsoft gave new insight into the Dynamics Family. And with that, a successful fair came to an end, whre we strengthened numours known business relationships and made new contacts. I was a lot of fun and we are already looking forward to the next event where we will see everyone :)

Missed the DYNAfair 2023 and our session?

Then register now for our Leo Talk #5 on 26th May 2023, because there we will revisit our session topic and deepen the individual contents of it.


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