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Connector 365
Mail Experience Plus

Extend your mail standard with additional functions

The enhanced mail features of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central aim to further improve the user experience with quality-of-life features. To expand the mail standard, we have launched our Mail Experience Plus, an app that optimizes the most basic functions.

Mail Experiences Plus includes the following features:

  • enables the use of standard attachments on several levels

  • control in which period your attachments are delivered and to whom

  • individual recipient control for your email and e-post process

  • additional target addresses can be set up in CC and BCC

  • user-defined, dynamic subject lines per report or per customer through the use of placeholders

  • customized, dynamic filenames per report or per customer

These features improve email sending by removing manual steps from your sending process. Ideal features for a more efficient work environment.

Connector 365

For all versions from BC15


To download Mail Experience Plus from the AppSource, please follow the link below. 


If you would like to order Mail Experience Plus for your system, follow the link below.

You can find more information and assistance here

Connector NAV/BC

For all versions of BC14 and older


If you are still working on an old version of Business Central, please contact our service. 

You can find more information and assistance here

Functions may vary depending on the software and hardware used, as well as the version and infrastructure.

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