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Supplier evaluation in Business Central

Supplier Evaluation made easy with Connector 365 Easy Supra!

With Connector 365 Easy Supra we enable you to flexibly set up and execute supplier ratings. Through free set-up parameters, suppliers can be assigned to different evaluation schemes. Thus, a supplier for raw materials can be assigned different evaluation keys than service providers or forwarding agents. Likewise, different schmes enable differentiation accourding to product-related criteria.

You can distinguish between hard criteria (e.g. quality, adherence to quantity or delivery dates) and soft criteria (e.g. goodwill behaviour, advertising effectiveness or certification status). The required details of the criteria can be freely defined. All data generated from the purchasing process are available and can be used for the evaluation.

In the list of your suppliers, it is thus easy to see wheter a company has an excellent rating for C-parts but is not eligibble for A-parts. The required validity, observation and evaluation periods can be freely defined. For documentation of packaging, quality and other freely definable criteria, an inspection protocol is available for incoming goods. An integrated assistant supports you step by step in setting up the supplier evaluation.

Connector 365 Easy Supra at a view:

• Unlimited number of criteria

• Free selection of hard criteria from materials management and individual definition of soft criteria

• Definition of the weighting of the criteria

• Definition of any number of evaluation schemes

• Differentiation of different products or product groups as well as supplier groups

• Existing evaluations easy to copy

• Interactive reports • inspection protocol for incoming goods

• Connection to the complaints module

• Support through a set-up assistant

Connector 365

For all versions from BC15


If you would like to order Easy Supra, please follow the link below.


If you would like to order Easy Supra for your system, follow the link below.

You can find more information and assistance here

Connector NAV/BC

For all versions of BC14 and older


If you are still working on an old version of Business Central, please contact our service. 

You can find more information and assistance here

Functions may vary depending on the software and hardware used, as well as the version and infrastructure.

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