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We, at BELWARE GmbH, are very committed to our young people! The youth of today creates the world of tomorrow!

Very few young people know what they want to be when they grow up. But sometimes at least the direction is already clear: "something with computers"

To find out what exactly with computers, we are happy to help. In our company, teenagers and young adults can complete various internships:

  • Career Orientation | Boys & Girls day

  • School Internship

  • Voluntary internship and

  • Internships for students

Internships are possible in the following professions:

  • IT Specialist for Development

  • Office Management Assistant

  • Management Assistant in E-Commerce

​We offer you a family atmosphere in our team. You also have the opportunity to try out other professions without any problems.

If you are now interested in an internship in our company, then simply fill out our form:

Or apply directly for an apprenticeship in the mentioned professions!

(You can find out if and when we have apprenticeship positions available on our Jobs & Career page. There you will also find the application form for the respective profession.)

As Part of the IHK initiative "Partnerschaft Schule-Betrieb" (engl. Partnership School-Business), the Realschule St. Ursula in Dorsten and the Gesamtschule Wulfen have a reliable cooperation partner at their side in BELWARE GmbH.

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Projects of our interns

Danell's Game

Danell's Game

Daniel from the Maria Montessori School in Dorsten was able to get a taste of our everyday professional life during his three-week internship. Among other things, he developed this cute game with us. "During my internship at BELWARE GmbH, I got a glimpse into the everyday life of an application developer and a media designer. [...] Through this internship I was able to refine my rough career plan of "something with computers"."

Jakob's Game

Jakob's Game

In April 2021, Jakob from 9th grade of the Gesamtschule Schermbeck completed his student internship at BELWARE. "I got a very good insight into the tasks of an application developer at BELWARE. I was never bored and had always enough to do."

Florian's Game

Florian's Game

This is what Florian, 9th grade student at St. Ursula Realschule Dorsten, says about his internship at BELWARE: "Thank you for the nice internship - at BELWARE you not only see how the company works, but also what problems you can encounter and how to fix them. During my internship I had a lot of fun and was able to help out."

Diego's Game

Diego's Game

"During my internship at BELWARE GmbH, I was able to gain insights into the everyday life of an IT specialist, which showed me that the profession of IT specialist is something for me. The internship was exciting, fun and varied, all employees are super friendly and helpful. Highly recommended." Diego from the Werner-von-Siemens-Realschule in Gladbeck

Lea's holiday internship

Lea's holiday internship

"Women in Technology" at BELWARE with Lea on a voluntary holiday internship. "During my internship at BELWARE GmbH, I was able to get a good insight into the everyday working life of an IT specialist, but also in other areas. Due to the many different and interesting tasks, I was never bored. The team was also always friendly and helped me with questions." - Lea

Boys & Girls Day


Boys`Day - 

Boys' Day is a nationwide day of action for boys on career orientation and life planning. It is intended to help boys to get to know fields of work in which women are more likely to work. Workshops on the topics of "career and life planning", "role models" and "social skills" are also offered. 

The Boys' Future Day takes place every year parallel to the Girls' Day and is also aimed at all pupils from the 5th grade onwards.

#cliché-free #boys´day #27-04-2023 #boys'futureday #careerorientation

Girls`Day - 

Girls' Day is a nationwide project for career and study orientation for girls. Every year on the day of action, schoolgirls from the 5th grade onwards get to know professions or fields of study in which the proportion of women is less than 40 percent. 

BELWARE GmbH also opens its doors to interested girls. The IT sector is sometimes a male-dominated profession, and we would like to bring it closer to girls and women, because the world of IT is not just for boys. Would you like to join us on Girls' Day? Then send us a short application/registration via the button!

#cliché-free #girls`day #27-04-2023 #girls'futureday #careerorientation

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