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Connector 365

Faxing directly from Business Central!

Send documents by fax with SMTP2FAX

Faxes are still an issue in many businesses and industries today, and despite the latest technologies, it's impossible to operate entirely without them.
Seamless integration of fax functionality in Business Central gives you unified sending and full control over your faxes.


Sending faxes from Business Central is not a standard function. You would have to print the document again and fax it manually. Our app gives you this feature with a simple click of a button from within the documents. Because our app acts as an interface between Business Central and your third party product for faxing, simply SMTP to Fax.

In addition, there are other features available to you in the document types, such as setting different fax numbers per document type.

Also available in our app is central logging, as well as logging on the document. Here you can track at any time Who? What? When? was sent by fax and whether the fax was sent successfully.

Connector 365

For all versions from BC15


To download SMTP2Fax from the AppSource, please follow the link below. 


If you would like to order SMTP2Fax for your system, follow the link below.

You can find more information and assistance here

Connector NAV/BC

For all versions of BC14 and older


If you are still working on an old version of Business Central, please contact our service. 

You can find more information and assistance here

Functions may vary depending on the software and hardware used, as well as the version and infrastructure.

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