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Connector 365

Sending and receiving various invoice formats in Business Central

Transmit electronic documents to your commercial customers or public clients via PEPPOL.

The Connector 365 E-Documents for Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central enables the connection of Business Central to the PEPPOL transmission channel, significantly automating the exchange of electronic documents.

Connector 365 E-Documents is ideal for businesses of any sector and size looking to automate the dispatch of their electronic documents to commercial clients and public administrations through the PEPPOL transmission channel.

The Connector 365 E-Documents enables you to send and receive documents through a PEPPOL Access Point.

Your documents can be in various invoice formats, such as Peppol.

Our app is based on the E-Document Core Extension module from Microsoft.

Do you already have questions about our new E-Documents? Or would you like advice on e-invoicing? Then you can book an appointment here

Connector 365

For all versions from BC15


To download E-Documents from the AppSource, please follow the link below. 


If you would like to order E-Documents for your system, follow the link below.

Connector NAV/BC

For all versions of BC14 and older


If you are still working on an old version of Business Central, please contact our service. 

Functions may vary depending on the software and hardware used, as well as the version and infrastructure.

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