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Continia Partnertag 2023

This year, BELWARE GmbH took part in the Continia Partner Day for the first time.

Since the beginning of this year, our cooperation with continia has intensified.

We were therefore delighted to be able to attend Partner Day 2023 and provide our customers with the latest information directly on site.

First of all, we would like to say a big thank you for the excellent organisation of the event.

Continia also focussed on the possibilities of artificial intelligence and sustainability, in addition to a wealth of new information on the product range.

Our Highlights:

Continia Banking

Continia has announced that its three existing banking products: Payment Management, Dynamo Pay and OPplus will be replaced by Continia Banking. The new product will ensure that standardised and simplified processes are introduced. In addition, the aim is to get the best of three in one solution. The result is a new and modernised banking solution.

Continia Sustainability

Sustainability has been one of the main topics for several years, both in the private and business sectors. From 2024, Continia will be offering business customers a new solution that records how much CO2 their own company produces with its activities.

For a business trip, it will be possible to determine how the energy consumed relates to the volume of fuel used, the distance travelled, the weight transported and the time spent. The programme is based on the invoices imported into ocument Capture and Expense Management.

Document Capture/Document Output

Until 2024, customers could decide whether they want to purchase Document Output together with XML Export. From 2024, XML Export can no longer be purchased with Document Output, but XML Export will become part of Document Capture, as electronic invoice receipt and dispatch is becoming an increasingly important topic. What we found particularly interesting, however, was the way in which Continia integrates AI into its Document Capture solution.

This further simplifies the reading of invoices for the user. Where the system now has to be manually taught which invoice it is, the AI will soon automatically understand that it is an invoice for office supplies and assign it automatically.

It was also stated that the future of Document Output is open. Document Output, which was mainly used for mail dispatch, is already very well integrated into the BC standard. So in our opinion, no additional solution is needed for mail dispatch. We, the BELWARE GmbH, have recognised this for some time now and therefore no longer offer an additional solution, but instead use our Mail Experience Plus or Pro apps to expand the BC standard with additional functions that simplify and automate your daily document dispatch.

In addition to Continia, we also attended presentations by their partner CKL Software.

Our highlight here was bill-to 365, which manages subscriptions and contracts as well as automated billing. Subscriptions are becoming increasingly important in many industries and sectors. With bill-to 365, this recurring billing process can be automated in Business Central.


Our impression of our first Continia Partner Day: an exciting, eventful day. We were delighted to meet new and familiar faces. And we would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for the great exchange.

We look forward to attending the Continia Partner Day again in 2024!


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