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Electronic letter paper

What was it like in the past?

You had your business solution and a printer. In the printer was the stationery. Designed by a graphic designer, of course. Because the CI - Corporate Identity – the appearance should be presented to the outside world. Depending on the company, there is also the requirement for several types of stationery. In addition, printers with several trays to handle all the document correspondence.

Today we have arrived at the age of digitalization. The paperless exchange of voucher correspondence takes place electronically. Mostly as an email with a receipt in PDF form as an attachment or as a pure data exchange. Printers and stationery have become unnecessary.


One would think, but the reality is often different.

Because the demands on correspondence and document exchange have of course remained. The question, however, is how to bring this requirement of the past into today's world without great expense and the loss of quality in external presentation.

These are the functions of PDF Paper at a view

  • Deposit of stationery per report and debitor

  • Creation of several letterheads

  • Preview function

  • Merge multiple PDF files into one

  • Global setup of letterhead in company data

  • Automatically rotate PDF files if they are in landscape format

Further information and help, can be found here!

Connector 365

For all versions from BC15



not available for SaaS!


If you would like to order pdfPaper for your system, follow the link below.

You can find more information and assistance here

Connector NAV/BC

For all versions of BC14 and older


If you are still working on an old version of Business Central, please contact our service. 

You can find more information and assistance here

Functions may vary depending on the software and hardware used, as well as the version and infrastructure.

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