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Directions EMEA 2022

For the first time, we will be personally represented with our solutions at Directions EMEA 2022 in Hamburg, Germany, from 9 to 11 November 2022.

As an independent software vendor and Microsoft partner, our apps are a must-have for everyone. Our apps of today are the solutions of tomorrow and are constantly being optimised.

Our popular Easy Batch, for example, is the solution for processing multiple receipts at once in one batch. With its seamless integration, in enriches the standard of Dynamics 365 Business Central and simplifies its process.

New and still in the development phase is our voice control app Jana, which optimises your work processes even further.

You probably know the following situation: you create a quotation for one of your customers. But in order to complete it, you still need the confirmation from your dealer. Now you have to awkardly close the application and take numerous intermediate steps to be able to contact your dealer. With Jana, this is a thing of the past! Instead of many clicks, you start the call directly by voice control. At the same time, your application remains open and the process is not interrupted.

At the fair, you can get to know our solutions on site, including our preview Jana, the voice control app. Please let us know what you think about our solutions or what else you would like us to do.

Talk to us about it or use our feedback box!


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