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"Tag der Ausbildung" at Kuniberg Berufskolleg

Today was the day, the Tag der Ausbildung (training day) at Kuniberg Berufskolleg took place and we were very excited to see what awaited us as it was our first time here.

Punctually at quarter past eight, the first group entered our assigned room. And we told them about the great possible apprenticeships we offer in the company: IT specialist for application development, office administrator for office management and office administrator in e-commerce.

Many of the pupils were interested in office management. But there were also interested students for our other two apprenticeships.

We are very pleased that we were able to accept a student´s application for a summer internship with us :)

And we are curious to see how many applications we will receive from interested students in the coming days and weeks.

A succesful training day in our days! We would also like to take this opportunity to mention the good organisation of the event and the delicious catering. Thank you that we were able to participate and meet so many interested students.


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