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Our new app: SMTP2Fax

Our SMTP2Fax simplifies and shortens the process of faxing! Because even today, the technology of the fax is still needed for some work processes. And that´s exactly where our app comes in. It integrates faxing into the digital work process.

But how exactly?

True to the motto: manual was once! With SMTP2Fax:

  • simply select document & fax with 1-click

  • different fax numbers per document type

  • logging: who? what? when? sent by fax

  • sent successfully?

Want to know more about the (planned) functions? Then quickly go to the Dokuportal.

Download directly, test it yourself and use it? Then go to the Microsoft AppSource.

If you have any questions about the app, we are of course here to help! Simply contact us.


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