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News about our product line Connector 365

Today we inform you about the latest developments in our Connector 365 product line. We are now expanding our product portfolio with two new apps: Connector 365 Report Layout Plus and Connector 365 SMTP2FAX. We have also added more features to our existing apps and adjusted the pricing of our apps.

Connector 365 Report Layout Plus

Easy handling of different report layouts for different languages and many other conditions.

Report Layout Plus, like all our other apps, is Universal Code Ready and can be tested and licensed for onPrem or SaaS.

Connector 365 SMTP2FAX

Do you still have the requirement to send faxes from Business Central? With the new SMTP2FAX app, this proces is easy and fast. All you need is a service from a third-party provider that can work with SMTP2FAX. And you can send your faxes directly from Business Central with just a few clicks.

New Features of the Connector 365 Apps

  • Extension of Easy Batch app by an automated and time-controlled dispatch after a booking process for bid sales documents

  • Extension of the Easy Batch app by an automated dispatch of unposted sales documents

  • Extension of the Easy Batch app by further documents from the purchasing area

  • Multi-language control is now possible in our Mail Subject Plus app

  • With the E-POST app it is now also possible to send external documents

  • Implementation of new licence checks for some apps

  • Further compatibility of the apps with each other created

  • Various hotfixes are done

All new and planned features can always be found in our online help under the respective app documentation in the "New and Planned" section. We also publish the new features of our apps at regular intervals on our social media channels, such as LinkedIn, under the tag Appdate.

Pricing der Connector 365 Apps

As already mentioned above, we have changed the licence check for some of our apps.

No change! for Connector 365 apps that are licensed on a flat-rate basis:

C365 XRechnung | C365 E-POST | C365 SMTP2FAX | C365 Easy Document Pin

No change! for Connector 365 apps that are licensed according to actual users:


NEW! Connector 365 apps that are now licensed by BC users* and no longer by the actual users who use it:

all C365 Mail Apps | C365 Addressee Control | C365 Report Layout Plus | C365 Easy Batch

*Note: Users such as external accounts and external admins are not counted.

We would also like to point out the switching of licenses. We adhere to the Microsoft standard here and also activate one productive and three sandboxxes for you in parallel. Further environments are then to be licensed again with a price advantage.


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