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Microsoft Release Wave 2 | 2023

We are waiting with anticipation for the first leaves to change colour, because with the start of autumn, the new and improved functions will also appear with the Business Central Release Wave 2. Which features are you looking forward to the most?

We are most excited about these features and this is just a small sample of the new and improved features that are coming in Business Central Release Wave 2.

Microsoft Power Platform

Faster customisation with Microsoft Power Platform

Already a popular feature in our team, we are excited that Microsoft Power Platform will soon support more scenarios, making it even easier to set up workflows. Of interest to some of our customers is that they will soon be able to view information such as tracking data from transport companies or directly see who signed for the delivery. We are looking forward


Everyone is talking about this tool and we are also curious to see whether and to what extent Microsoft's AI will really simplify our daily work. Copilot is supposed to be able to generate marketing suggestions with this release wave.

How do you plan to use Copilot?

Availability overview for your warehouse

Byebye, annoying calculation of quantities in your warehouse. Because from your source documents, such as sales orders, production orders, assembly orders or jobs, you can retrieve information on the availability of the items in your warehouse. You receive the information in real time. Factors that affect picking, such as reserved items, are also directly taken into account. With the availability overview, you increase the efficiency of warehouse processing due to the real-time information available.

Set role before first login

We know that learning a new programme can be exciting, so to make Business Central onboarding even easier, the role of each user is now set before the first login. This new feature is also very interesting for partners. Assign the respective test users their future roles before the start of the test phase and design the onboarding directly role-based.

Data search from everywhere

Who hasn't experienced it, you sometimes search your way through data, but no more! The new version makes it possible to start a search directly across all business data. Simply press Alt+Q, enter the search term and continue working directly - without having to click to the corresponding page first.

And even in the mobile app, you can now access all data for which you have the corresponding authorisation! Do you have a keyboard? Then you can also search everything here with the key combination.

Improved error codes

Do you have to ask the administrator to fix every error code?

Microsoft has put an end to that. From now on, Business Central displays a small check dialogue for your information when an error occurs. Actions are stored there with which you can solve the problem yourself or have it solved directly by Business Central. Business Central also checks your data and thus reduces the risk of errors and inconsistencies.

And is your new favourite function also included? You can find an overview and detailed description of all new and improved functions directly at Microsoft.

You are not yet using Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central but are interested in it because of the latest and improved features? Contact us for a no-obligation consultation or request your demo directly!


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