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International Women´s Day 2023

Today is 8 March and thus the international women´s day. This day is dedicated to women and aims to draw attention to the gender inequality that still exists.

Women in IT and on the executive floor - a rarity? Not with us, we at BELWARE GmbH rely on women´s power in our company! For years, the founder Johanna Belecke and her husband have been compaigning for more women in IT.

How does she do this?

Every year she supports the cooperation schools. And not only during Girls´ Day with a workshop where the schoolgirls get in touch with the professional field of IT through playful first steps in programming. Johanna Belecke constantly encourages women to apply for internshops or apprenticeships during the visits and exchanges at the schools. Because in our experience, only one´s own interest in IT plays a role when it comes to the suitability of the respective person and not gender.

Johanna Belecke can proudly say that she also follows her words with actions internally. For example, BELWARE employs 6 women and 6 men in the IT department. Thus Johanna Belecke lives the motto with BELWARE GmbH: together we are strong - for morge gender equality. Because change is feminine.

And how much do you think so?


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