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Career Exploration Day - St. Ursula Realschule

On 29 March 2023, we welcomed several students from St. Ursula Realschule for a career exploration day. First of all, a general round of introductions took place. The trainees were given the opportunity to share their own wishes and expectations for the day. Afterwards, we presented our company with our three occupational fields: commercial professions in the areas of office management, e-commerce, and IT specialist for application development.

All the students were very interested and enthusiastic about the career opportunities presented, with the IT sector in particular meeting with great enthusiasm. In between, the students could test their existing knowledge in various quiz rounds. These included easy questions such as:

What is a programming language?

  • A language used to build programs

  • A language that PCs use to communicate with each other

  • A language used by programmers to communicate with each other

As well as challenging questions, such as:

What does this command do?


  • This command is not correct

  • This tells the console to write something

  • This command determines where something is written

Based on the evaluation, the students were able to judge for themselves how much IT knowledge they had already acquired.

After the evaluation of the quiz rounds, our BELWARE team challenged the students to a competition. This gave them the opportunity to compete with the professionals in speed typing on the PC. Our boss Johanna Belecke herself and the employee Nicole competed against the boys and were really amazed, because they are really fast! :)

Would you like to organise a little speed-writing competition in your own team? Then just follow the link and get started!

Next, the students were introduced to the creation of a website. All four of them were given the task of designing their own small website on which they could present themselves and their own programming. They had the choice between drawing Santa´s house with Turtle or creating a little game with MS Arcade.

Even the "old BELWARE heads" could learn something from the boys! So they played against each other a modern version of the Monday Paonter called and Gartic Phone (a kind of silent mail online). This provided a laugh or two!

The students' conclusion: interesting insights. And we also think: a succesful day with very interested pupils in our apprenticeship professions!


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