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Your current Dynamics NAV environment deserves an upgrade to the cloud.

With a clear step-by-step plan.

With a transparent cost plan.

With a competent team.

No nasty surprises!

Upgrading to Business Central

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Upgrading from Dynamics NAV to Business Central

Are you still using Dynamics NAV in your company, but with it you can only implement the requirements of your customers and partners with difficulty? Then it´s time to upgrade to Business Central.

Put an end to the endless programming and tedious customization of your ERP solution. Switch from NAV to Business Central now and always use the newest technology for your business. The cloud solution from Microsoft not only impresses with its funtional structure and simplicity of use. No, with Dynamics 365 Business Central you also save money!

It is likely that your company is not using the latest version of NAV, but one of the earlier versions, simply due to the fact that constantly upgrading to the latest version takes too much time and money. And now you're doubting whether you should even dare to just upgrade to Business Central. We say yes! See the upgrade as an opportunity and see it as a new phase that offers new possibilities for you and your company.

Ready for the cloud?

Are you sure you want to take the step, but you don't yet know where to start or what you should consider?

Get in touch with us and we'll see together how your licenses, your adjustments and your data look!

Regardless of whether you want to start with a blank sheet of paper or want to take your structure with you as much as possible, we will accompany you step by step on your way to the cloud.

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Importance of the upgrade for the company

An upgrade to Dynamics 365 Business Central means that your company will also use the cloud-based successor to Dynamics NAV from now on. In the future, you will always work with the latest version of Business Central. This allows you to take advantage of all the new features and integration of Microsoft 365, such as Power BI.

Your payment model will also change. Instead of a one-time purchase payment with many hidden monthly costs, such as hardware maintenance, you now pay a fixed monthly amount.

This fixed amount includes the fees for usage, maintenance, upgrades, back-ups and server usage. No more nasty surprises!

And always have the latest version at hand!

Farewell - extra adjustments and expensive upgrades

Many companies skip several versions before embarking on another time-consuming upgrade. As a result, the difference in the functions and use of the "old" and "new" version can be extreme. This in turn incurs additional costs to maintain certain functions in your "old" application.

All these extra adjustments due to the lack of flexibility are eliminated when using Dynamics 365 Business Central. Yes, the switch from NAV to Business Central may seem like a giant leap for you and your employees - and let's be honest, depending on the previous version used, this is a big step that means a change for everyone involved.

But! Only at the beginning, because from the period of use of Business Central, you and your employees will automatically receive the updates from Microsoft twice a year in the background. There is no need to get used to it, because you and your employees grow together with your ERP solution.

Ready for the cloud?

Then arrange your consultation now and let us discuss your options with Business Central together!

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