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Our new app: Connector 365 Mail Subject Plus

Today we are releasing our first new app for this year: Connector 365 Mail Subject Plus.

If you are familiar with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Standard, you know that for every mail, an automatic subject is generated. But how often do you find that you have to manually adjust it again? Whether it's because something is missing or because your company has specific requirements for the content.

With our Mail Subject Plus app, we set ourselves the goal of bypassing exactly this step. The app allows you to set dynamic subject lines either per report or per vendor/debtor. A quick-to-understand menu allows you to define your own placeholders from the report's fields, which you can then use in your subject.

The app is available for Business Central Saas and OnPrem

To convince yourself of the benefits of this app, you have 30 days to test it for free.

Our Connector 365 Mail Subject Plus app is available for Business Central SaaS – and OnPrem versions from BC15.

No more need for complicated introductions?

DThen try out our app from AppSource and OnPrem versions for free right here.

For more information about the app and pricing after the trial persion, please visit our website or feel free to contact us.

We look forward to being able to advise you.


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