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Intership Report - Johannes

Our first intern this year was Johannes from the 9th grade of the Gesamtschule Schermbeck. He completed an internship at BELWARE GmbH in the period from March 13th to March 30th.

We, at BELWARE, put together various tasks for our interns in advance as a team. In addition to certain standard activities, such as programming with "Turtle" and programming their own 'Arcade' game from Microsoft, all interns are also involved in the daily work. After all, they are (temporarily) part of our team. With this we would like to give them a good insight into the professional fields. After all, our goal as a company is to act as a decision-making aid during this time in terms of career orientation. We do everything possible to prevent boredom, because nothing is as demotivating as boredom!

So Johannes was allowed to code with us and try out how coding suits him. But we have more to offer than just the typical IT job of application developer. We also give Johannes the opportunity to look over the shoulders of our office management employees and to take a look at the day-to-day work of our e-commerce department. Johannes did not miss this opportunity and took on his own tasks in all these professional fields. For example, he created various drafts for our new price list. We liked his suggestion so much that he was allowed to put it directly into practice.

BELWARE GmbH has a lot to offer and uses interns flexibly. So if you realize that you want to do 'something with computers' later on, you've come to the right place! Maybe you will also find out that 'something with computers' does not necessarily have to be coding.

About his internship with us Johannes himself says the following:

"Hi, I am Johannes, attend the 9th grade of the Gesamtschule Schermbeck and did my three week internship at BELWARE GmbH. I liked the internship very much, because for example I NEVER(!) had nothing to do and if you asked, you always got an answer. In addition, all the employees are very nice and if you find a topic to talk about, the lunch break flies by.

Once, when I got tired of pushing code blocks together, I asked if I could do something else. And the very next day I was allowed to build a "sample extension" for Microsoft Business Central. In other words: as an intern I had a lot of possibilities and I was also allowed to help for example with the design of the price list. I also got the chance to switch between the job fields, so I was able to get a look at the job as a application developer and as an e-commerce employee.

In my opinion, my personal highlight is the helpfulness of the employees.

I am very happy that I applied for an internship at BELWARE GmbH and I can totally recommend it to everyone!

Kind regards,


There is nothing more to add to this, except: "Johannes, it was also a great pleasure for us to have you with us. And we would have love to keep you right away! Should you be looking for an internship or even an apprenticeship again - you know where to find us. In any case, you are always welcome here ;)."


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