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Internship report - Tim

On 1 December, we were pleased to welcome Tim from the 9th grade of St. Ursula Realschule for three weeks. During his internship, Tim got an insight into the work of BELWARE GmbH, so he was able to get a taste of different areas, such as marketing & communication and, of course, IT.

In this area, he also developed his own little game Biscuit Hunt with Microsoft MakeCode Arcade during his internship with us. Fantastically succesful, or what do you say? Play it yourself? Hunt for biscuits too? Then let's go on the biscuit hunt:

Tim reports he really enjoyed his internship and that he can imagine working in this profession later on. He also says: "The staff are friendly and I enjoyed being here."

Of course, we are always especially pleased when our interns come to their internship every day full of joy. And look back on their internship happily and with full pride in their own performance. We are delighted that Tim supported us so energetically for three weeks. And we would like to take this opportunity again as to wish him all the best for his future. You are always welcome to join us.

Are you, just like Tim, interested in an internship in IT? Then simply apply online for an internship at BELWARE GmbH.


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