Connector 365 XRechnung

Day X is coming
From November 27th on all companies who deal with german federal authorities are forced to send their invoices as an XRechnung XML file. Doing this usually requires some external tool that functions outside of your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central environment.

With our solution you can do everything with just one click right in Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Uncomplicated and compliant
Connector 365 XRechnung allows for easy creation of the required XML files, just activate the function via document layouts on the customers who require it and you are good to go. Send your email via the default Dynamics 365 Business Central e-mail function and the XML is automatically created together with the email.

When sending the invoice we check if the invoice is compliant with the requirements of the XRechnung format. If all is well, the mail is sent out and the invoice recipient receives the invoice once as a regular PDF and once as the XRechnung XML.

Should the invoice not be compliant the validation report is instead displayed to the user so they can see what issue needs to be fixed before the invoice is compliant.

This is what XRechnung offers you:

  • Creating an XRechnung XML file using the standard mail function
  • Sending a validation report to the recipient confirming that the file is XRechnung compliant
  • Displaying the validation report to the user in case that the invoice is not XRechnung compliant

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